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Transaction Advisory

Deal Execution

Focused on Deal Execution

Pushing through to the finish line can be the hardest part. Many deals fall apart after 90% of the work has been completed. As a deal specialist, W Advisory provides the following services to close the deal:

Bridging communication issues

— Distilling information so that it is easy to understand

— Overcoming language barriers

— Managing communication across time zones

— Handling information flow among professional service providers

Getting through the finish line

— Overseeing all steps through Closing

— Maintaining focus and organization to minimize roadblocks

— Ensuring all tasks, no matter how small, are competed timely

Managing costs, workflow, timeline

— Due diligence (legal, financial)

— Financial modeling

— Transaction documents

— Technical review (engineering, geology)


Post-closing project management

W Advisory will manage the transition from closing to day-to-day operations. Ensuring a smooth transition from the deal team to the operations team is critical.

Services for post-closing project management:

Communication with the operator/JV partner

— Acting as intermediary on day-to-day communication issues

— Creating monthly timelines for reporting

— Establishing method of communication, such as ftp site, mailing list, etc.

Financial reporting

— Comparison of pro forma financial statements to actual and reconciliation of differences

— Establishing procedures and controls to ensure a smooth financial audit

Accounting Processes

— Input of revenue statements

— Processing of joint interest billing (JIB) and AFE

— Establishing processes to manage monthly financial reporting

Reserve Report

— Maintaining well and production data to prepare reserve estimates

— Creating processes for a smooth reserve audit process

Registration of title/land files/well files

— Managing the transition from due diligence to creating/maintaining title files

— Designing a process to create well files

— Creating clean, organized files ensuring a smooth sales process

Buyside Advisory

Business development

W Advisory specializes in working with Asian investors/buyers seeking investments in North America.


— W Advisory understands that the decision process can be longer than North American companies are accustomed to

— W Advisory will endeavor to manage the time expectations of the Seller

Long-term Commitments

— W Advisory is committed to developing a long-term strategic relationship with its Clients

— W Advisory seeks Clients that echo its long-term commitment to excellence and integrity


— W Advisory takes pride in consistent communication

— W Advisory will help to educate its Clients to assist in a well-informed decision through buyside advisory

Market research

Help buyers with market evaluation. Design a strategy for a focused approach to finding the best investment.


LNG Market study report

Oklahoma vs. Colorado tax comparison

Canada small operator review

Financial Advisory

CFO Outsourcing

Expertise not Expense

Having a plan is essential. Whether your need is project-specific or company-wide, W Advisory can provide financial guidance, strategy and support to meet your business goals.

Financial Leadership

— Interface for investors/bankers so that management can focus on making money

— Develop best-in-class financial operations

— Create turnkey procedures to facilitate growth and/or exit

Operational Support

— Develop procedures and processes for timely financial reporting

— Streamline reporting steps to reduce costs and chance of error

— Prepare documentation that is clear and concise

Capital Structure

— Reformulate capital structure to reduce high cost capital

— Managing investor reporting

— Monitor financial metrics for loan covenants/investor commitments

— Manage financial reporting

Tax Advisory

Minimize Tax with Structure

There are multiple ways to structure a transaction. The key is finding one that matches your business needs while minimizing tax liability. W Advisory understands that finding a tax structure to compliment your acquisition strategy is critical to any deal negotiation but having that structure in place prior to closing is optimal.

Before closing the deal:

Minimize transaction taxes

— minimize non-income based taxes such as share issuance duties, transfer duties, stamp tax, etc.

— avoid taxes that could immediately affect deal economics

Maximize deductions in high-tax jurisdictions

— push down debt to high-tax jurisdictions

— understand and manage thin capitalization rules

— review salaries, G&A and other expenses to maximize tax impact

Maximize tax basis

— Structure transactions to allow for set-up of tax basis

— Tax basis review and valuation

— Review transaction documents

Operating and the Exit:


— Transfer pricing, planning and documentation

— Minimize impact of withholding tax on repatriation of earnings


— Structuring to minimize multiple layers of taxation

— Reduce impact of local capital gains, tax on repatriation, and for smooth capital re-deployment

— Tax structure to avoid FIRPTA in US and Canada

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